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BookLifeNow.com focuses on the publishing industry and all aspects of it: writing, editing, print, contracts, covers, release schedules, marketing, publicity, touring, anything and everything that goes into putting a book on the shelf and getting it into readers’ hands. This isn’t limited to any genre or field. Literary, science fiction, fantasy, children’s, fiction, non-fiction, we try to cover it all.

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Offering timely advice in an era when the burden of production and publicity frequently falls on authors, this essential reference reflects on methods for being focused, productive, and savvy in the craft of writing. Discussing a wide range of essential topics for self-promoting authors, this important guide explores questions such as How can authors use social media and the internet? How does the new online paradigm affect authors, readers, and the book industry? How can authors find the time to both create and promote their work? and What should never be done? Through good-humored encouragement, practical tips of the trade culled from 25 years of experience as a writer, reviewer, editor, publisher, agent, and blogger are shared. Including topics such as personal space versus public space, deadlines, and networking, the benefits of interacting with readers through new technologies is revealed.


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