Friday’s Links: tie-in fiction, tied-up rights and everything digital

The Huffington Post reports an upsurge in the number of e-book only publishers

The Guide to Literary Agents reports the emergence of another niche genre, “New Adult”

Authors Mark Charan Newton and Dan Abnett discuss writing genre fiction and tie-in fiction at Ecstatic Days

What happens when a book’s “champion” leaves his or her job? Galley Cat looks at “the curse of the orphaned book”

Anthony Moor, leaving his post as web editor at Dallas Morning News. Says newspapers not evolving quick enough

Publishers Weekly reports that WEbook, a collaborative site for writers, has launched a new feature called AgentInBox, which seeks to place manuscripts in the hands of agents

BizCommunity released a short summary of last week’s World Digital Publishing Conference

Forbes reports on the expected settlement between Google and US courts regarding the internet giant’s “Google Books” project

The Telegraph releases its list of 100 books that defined the decade

Author Dave Eggers talks with USA Today about his writing life

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