Friday’s Links: Pirates, Publishers and Profit

Samir Balwani writes about engaging your audience via the use of social media, offering that fear of actual interaction with potential customers – and the risks that it potentially brings – doom brands to mediocrity.

A recent study from Attributor indicates that online book piracy is pervasive, according to Publishers Weekly.

Author Jim C. Hines is skeptical regarding the piracy study. Read his response here.

BookEnds LLC offers a few tips on avoiding literary scams.

Three US universities have agreed to not buy the Kindle based on accessibility issues regarding its potential use by blind students.

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner wonders how readers discover new books. She’s asking for your input.

Michiko Kakutani reviews Jaron Lanier’s You Are Not a Gadget, a warning against the collectivism and anonymity of the internet. No Luddite, Lanier is a pioneer in the field of virtual reality and a silicone valley veteran.

Dennis Johnson reports that industry mag Editor & Publisher will continue publication under a new owner.

Xerox has teamed up with On Demand books to market and sell their Espresso Book Machine.

Stuart Evers on “What Writers Risk in Not Repeating Themselves”

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