Night Shade/SkyHorse Link Roundup

The SF world has been buzzing with news of a possible deal between Night Shade Books and Skyhorse Publishing/Start Publishing. Rather than writing yet another summary of the issue, we’ve collected some of the posts from agents, NSB authors and other publishing professionals.’s basic run-down of the situation.

The Locus write-up.

An open letter from Nightshade owner Jeremy Lassen.

Some information on Start Publishing.

Agent Andrew Zack unpacks more of the issues.

The Night Shade Writers of America: An agent’s perspective

Nightshade Books: What Went Wrong

Michael Stackpole’s take on why he won’t be signing the new deal.

Kameron Hurley’s take.

Tobias Buckell has an excellent write-up.

Nathan Hall has some excerpts from NSB letters.

Cat Rambo examines some of the problems faced by the parties in this deal.

Phil Foglio’s perspective.

SkyHorse defends itself.

Jason Sanford weighs in.

Theresa Frohock’s post.

Our best wishes are with the people tied up in this deal. It’s never fun, and never a good thing for the industry when a company goes under.

If you know of any good links we missed, please feel free to post them in the comments.