Brad Moon at Wired’s GeekDad on Booklife

If you want a glorious look at a large version of the Booklife cover, check out GeekDad’s post about the book.

Brad Moon’s been tremendously supportive, and it was gratifying to get this blurb from him awhile back for Booklife. When working writers give it a stamp of approval, you know you’re doing okay.

As a part-time writer making the transition to a full-time career, BOOKLIFE has been an invaluable resource. Like many writers, I found myself juggling freelance gigs, while neglecting the bigger picture; essentially running on a writing treadmill with no viable long term plan. Writing is a challenging way to make a living, especially with shifting publication models, advances in technology (and accompanying distractions), a growing emphasis on self-promotion and the potential and pitfalls of burgeoning social media web sites. BOOKLIFE offers advice for dealing with these variables, as well as laying out a strategy for effectively organizing and planning your career. Important issues like health, fitness and maintaining a work/life balance are also addressed. Jeff VanderMeer’s personal anecdotes, real life examples and sense of humor go a long way toward preventing BOOKLIFE from becoming a dry “How-To” manual, while sections on Public Relations, Editors and Agents have helped me to anticipate and prepare for what lies ahead.