Friday’s Links: Fast Fiction, Interactive Editors and All the Latest Buzz

Looking to gain authenticity in your chosen career path as a writer? This article has a few thoughts that might help.

Google releases “Google Buzz,” a new social media and communications platform. Opinions are divided, but as a collaborative tool it could have some interesting applications for writers.

Another sign of the times: the San Diego Union-Tribune has hired a former vice president of interactive to serve as their new editor.

National Public Radio’s Guy Raz has just announced a new “Three Minute Fiction” contest. Grab your pencil…and your stop watch!

Author Patrick Rothfuss offers advice to new writers.

Author Frank Wisner on the supportive role his publisher plays in his career.

Children’s authors on what it takes to be successful after your first book.

Google defends book settlement; sets stage for court hearing.

How to find an agent for your non-fiction book.

Once successful, is a writer obligated to continue his career?

n653213921_1671825_1056996Matt Staggs is a literary publicist and the proprietor of Deep Eight LLC, a boutique publicity agency utilizing the best publicity practices from the worlds of traditional media and evolving social technologies. He has worked in the fields of public relations and journalism for almost a decade. In addition to his work as a publicist, Matt is a book reviewer and writer whose work appears in both print and web publications.